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Vintage perfume bottles. There's a beach in Brookyn that's infamous for the amount of old bottles that wash up on the shore due to being a landfill site in the late 1800s-1900's. Could get Anna down there with a big net? ;)

Love the look of white or neutral flowers and colored glass. And you can do it for any season - holidays = red glass, fall = cobalt glass, etc.

Lafiore: Blownglass factory & Shop. Mallorca. Spain. A great souvenir from Mallorca. I so love vintage glass bottles... especially in blues and greens!

such easy diy candle can dye the twine that's around the jar to add a bit of personality

so pretty...., flowers in glass bottles and placed on silver tray makes great center piece for your table

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DIY Blue Hydrangea Wedding Centerpiece

cobalt blue glass!