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  • Gustavo Taveira

    Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet - #cheatsheet #portraits #light

  • Art Hakker Photography

    Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet #photography tips

  • David Levin

    Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet;├ Photography Cheat Sheets and Infographics - Socialphy

  • Meghan

    portrait photography lighting cheat sheet.

  • Ho John Lee

    Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet - The cheat sheet shows three possible angles for setting the flash: down 45 degrees toward the subject; on the same level as the subject and 45 degrees up to light the subject from below. Each height position is placed on a different line. For each angle I took 8 pictures, in 45 degrees interval, so I have a full circle of lights covered. The leftmost image is frontal, then moving counter clockwise, there are seven more pictures each moving 45 degrees.

  • Sarah Ward

    Studio Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet

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