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Marimekko. Eu poderia me vestir todo dia assim.

Marimekko dress. Yes, I am in love with Marimekko. Guilty.

She has this on as a nice dress where as I would have it on as a beach romper or artists market/garden/fruit district shopping

Adult women can wear Peter Pan collars too, right?

Marimekko This would be cute riding my bike in the rain

Marimekko - even though I know the sheer weight and bulk of those necklaces would drive me mad after five minutes, I love the colours and style of the dress and necklaces combined!

Molli dress | Dresses and Skirts | Marimekko ($100-200) - Svpply

Collection: Polkka by Mika Piirainen for Fall 2011. Print: Maija Louekari.

Yay! A girl on a runway in sneakers and a baggy dress, and she has a big smile. Refreshing! Marimekko