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Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and division to reach all learners! Complete with partial product, partial quotient, traditional, array, lattice, and base ten strategies. Includes student anchor charts, practice pages, and answer keys for each method.

FREE! PEMDAS and GEMDAS posters. PARENTHESES - EXPONENTS - MULTIPLICATION - DIVISION - ADDITION - SUBTRACTION I use this poster to help my students remember the order of operations. Also includes an optional poster for GROUPING - EXPONENTS - MULTIPLICATION - DIVISION - ADDITION - SUBTRACTION

There's more than one way to solve a problem. Developed for international learners whose parents have learned (and taught them) different ways to solve problems. Free download.

Decimal Place Value Anchor Chart - I used this idea and edited it slightly by having the students use grid paper to create squares 10cm by 10cm. We subdivided them to drive home that the more you "cut" a shape the smaller the pieces are, something that is more abstract for students to grasp.

Multiplication Properties Anchor Chart by Mrs. P, for fourth or fifth grade math. Commutative, Associative (my favorite), Distributive, Identity, and Zero Properties.