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"Old man Thompson would be proud of this outfit if he didn't blow himself to smithereens."-William Control

Be still, my beating heart {love} RyanGossling. :D Totally unrealistic though. ;)

Cornelius Van de Ven left the Roman Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria La. and Sen. Pat Harrison of Mississippi right pose next to a flood map of the Mississippi River in 1927. The two men were part of a flood control conference hosted by Chicago's Mayor William Hale Thompson to discuss the Great Flood of 1927 at the Hotel Sherman on June 2 1927. The Tribune reported "The purposes of the gathering are to obtain future control of the Mississippi by the efforts of the federal… was founded by parents to let the world know that the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, is covering-up the relationship between a near-tripling of vaccinations for our children in the 1990s and the epidemic of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders that began at exactly the same time.

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Earlier this year reports emerged that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was hiding results from a test of experimental measles vaccines that actually increased the likelihood of Black children developing autism. Back in September, Dr. William Thompson, who has been with the CDC for more than 10 years, told The Examiner that the authors of the study manipulated and hid data that proved Black babies were more than three times more likely to develop regressive autism if they were

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