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Buena idea para hacer huevitos de pascua del tamaño que quieramos.  Como hacerlo: 1-Inflar el globo del tamaño deseado.  2- Bañarlo de chocolate derretido, dejando el nudo del globo descubierto.  3- Dejar en el refrigerador hasta que el chocolate quedo bien frio y firme.  4 - Pinchar el globo y retirarlo.  5- Con chocolate derretido completar el hueco por el que quitamos el globo  Y listo!

Chocolate Chai Cups and a Tutorial: How to Make Chocolate Vessels

How to make chocolate dessert cups - dip inflated balloon in melted chocolate, freeze, gently pop balloon and peel away from chocolate bowl.

Auch eine Idee für Waffelhörnchen

Cakes in a Cone I would be really cool if you could instead of making cakes you could just use recees cups and bake them on top of the come and them add your ice cream. Ugh sounds amazing to me

Simply Designing with Ashley: Thin Mint Cookie Balls

Thin Mint Cookie Balls

No-Bake Thin Mint Truffles. Buy a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints (also called Grasshopper's in some areas) to concoct these divine truffles. recipes-you-should-try

la prochaine fois: what goes into making chocolate bowls- Hilarious tutorial of exploding balloons and what can go wrong!

Make easy chocolate balloon bowls! You might oil the balloon first, for easy removal. And let the chocolate cool some, so balloon won't pop.

Chocolate covered chips!  sweet + salty = Heaven! Would make a great holiday gift. YUMMO!!!

Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

These Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips are a delicious sweet and salty treat! Learn how easy it is to make chocolate-covered potato chips at home.

So cool! I'd use Velata chocolate since it comes in a bag with a spout already http://christinemoore.velata.us

Cómo hacer mariposas de chocolate para decorar

Make Chocolate Butterflies Using Wax Paper and Books! The Books give it a realistic pose. The Template/Pattern is included in the Tutorial! I could see white chocolate ones on a white cake. Or maybe make some pretty colored ones with some candy melts!

8 Tips for Fool Proof Cake Pops. Wish I read this a long time ago, would have saved lots of time and effort!

8 Tips for Fool Proof Cake Pops. Wish I read this a long time ago, would have saved lots of time and effort! Milton- I'm going to see if I can find a cake pop pan!

Made these for a party in October.  These were great as long as they stayed in the freezer.  I guess Florida is still too hot in October, they crumpled in on themselves!  A great idea for a party.

chocolate ice cream bowls - good idea for a kids birthday party! Great idea for adult's birthday party!