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Why Atoms Form Chemical Bonds

Why Atoms Form Chemical Bonds: Atoms form bonds because these chemical bonds stabilize their outer electron shells.

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What Type of Bonds Does Carbon Form? More Than You Think

Carbon and its bonds are key to understanding chemistry. Here's the most common type of bond formed by carbon and the other chemical bonds it forms.

Rosette Nebula (NASA, Spitzer, 4/18/07). This infrared image shows the Rosette nebula, a star-forming region more than 5000 ly away in the constellation Monoceros. Lurking inside this nebula are so-called 'danger zones'. These zones surround super hot stats, called O-stars (blue stars inside spheres), which give off intense winds & radiation. Young cooler stars that just happen to reside within one of these zones are in danger of having their dusty planet-forming materials stripped away.

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10 Most Fascinating Galaxies of our Universe