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DWENNIMMEN- “ram’s horns,” meaning humility and strength. The ram is noted for its strength when it engages itself in a fight against its adversary. However, it submits itself humbly for slaughter. The symbol signifies modesty and toughness in the character and nature of people. It stresses the need to be humble in every aspect of life in order to learn and acquire knowledge.

NSOROMMA- means “child of the heavens” or “the child of God.” It signifies the absolute belief in God’s watchfulness over mankind and therefore man’s total dependence on him for guidance in all endeavors of life. It can also symbolize guardianship.

WAWA ABA- means Wawa seed. A Wawa is a tropical tree that is used for carving. The seed is also well known for being hard. This symbol means that mankind should be strong and pass through life.

PEMPAMSIE- translates “sew to preserve.” It shows the need to join together and the strength in unity. It is the symbol of steadfastness.

KRAMO BONE AMMAYAANNHU KRAMO PA- or “the bad had made it difficult to identify good,” is quite a mouthful, and probably a good thing it is a symbol instead. More literally “Kramobone” means bad Muslim, so it means the bad Muslim had made it difficult to identify the good one. It basically means that one should be careful when dealing with human beings. It symbolizes pretence, deceit, and hypocrisy.

BESE SAKA- literally translates this is a “bunch of colanuts.” The colanut is enjoyed by chewing for a stimulating effect. It is mostly patronized and used by Northern tribes today, but it used to be very important when inviting guests to your home in traditional times. It is a symbol of power and wealth, as well as abundance and unity.

Los Cocodrilos Siameses. This symbolizes the unification of people of different cultural backgrounds for achieving common objectives despite their divergent views and opinions about the way of life. Unidad en la diversidad.

ESE NE TEKREMA- literally this is “the teeth and the tongue,” symbolizing friendship and interdependence. The teeth and the tongue are both located in the mouth but play different, interdependent roles. The teeth can bite the tongue, but they still live together. This signifies harmonious and interdependent relationships between people and nations. It advises married couples to complement each other in all aspects of marriage. It also encourages friendship and assistance.

FOFO- a yellow leaf plant. There is an Akan saying that says “Sedee fofo pe ne se gyinantwi abo bidie,” meaning the fofo plant wants the gyinantwi seed to turn black. This signifies that in life there are others who could wish others bad in their endeavors. It is the symbol of jealousy and hatred.

DENKYEM- “crocodile” or adaptability. The crocodile lives in the water but it does not breathe water it breathes air. The crocodile is noted for its ability to stay both on land and in water. This signifies the tendency to adjust oneself to all forms of conditions in life. It advises and encourages people to adapt, especially when circumstances seem difficult or beyond control.

35 AYA- means “fern.” This is a plant that can withstand diverse weather conditions and different soil types. It depicts forcefulness and perseverance in life. It is a symbol of hardiness, resourcefulness, endurance, and defiance.

EPA- “handcuffs.” This is the symbol for captivity and slavery. Handcuffs were introduced as a result of the slave trade. It later became popular among chiefs in cuffing offenders of the law. Anyone who is handcuffed becomes a slave and captive of the captor. It reminds offenders of the uncompromising nature of the law. It however discourages all forms of slavery, and is also a symbol for justice.

The tree of life

NYAME NNWU NA MAWU- “God never dies, therefore I cannot die.” This symbol stands for perpetual existence, signifying the immortality of a man believed to be part of God. This is part of the reason why we have a neighbor named Perpetual I guess…. It stresses the belief in life after death and the need to lead exemplary lives to attain an ancestral status after death. It symbolizes the everlasting nature of the human soul.

NKYINKYIM- literally means “twistings,” and represents initiative, dynamism, and versatility. It signifies the ability to take initiative and play many roles, adjust and withstand difficulties. It advises people to endure hardships and be committed to duty. It also stresses the need to live exemplary lives for others to emulate, encouraging people to adjust to face difficulties.

KINTINKANTAN- “extravagant and puffed up.” This is a symbol for arrogance and extravagance for arrogant, pompous, and bossy people. It serves as a warning against boastfulness and the disregard for people and the need for humility.

SUNSUM- means the soul. Without the soul a person is believed to be dead, but the soul is believed to last forever after it leaves a man and lives with God. With God’s word, liberation and sacrifice, the soul is revived. Sunsum is then a symbol of spirituality.