quotes about strength in decorated letter- With pain comes strength.

the lion king tattoo - I just want the Remember Who You Are script just don't know where I'd put it.

Perfect for me and my brothers but we would need a #5 too

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my cousin and his wifes sweet tattoos.

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Small Tattoo Designs... Perfect for my first one ❤

Simple and elegant

I want to have a line of ribbons for the family members I've lost to various forms of cancer. different colors for the different cancer of course

The Paw Print Tattoo with Heart. perfect for my dog Peyton, rest her poor puppy soul. ~ loved that dog so much

My infinity sign tattoo with my kids' names and a butterfly. Perfect mommy tattoo!!!

A simple tree: | 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos. A gorgeous tree #42

I finally found the tattoo that I'm going to have put on for you boys I think it's perfect until I see yoagaiguy

Disney tattoo. Maybe incorporate the two star idea to this one. It would still work perfectly for Peter Pan. Maybe just ditch the Mickey head...

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Sister Tattoo Sayings

I would love to have these on my right shoulder representing me my husband and our son, I can add more birds as we add new babies to our family:)

If this could also have some waves and a sun then it'd be perfect.

My Forever 'infinity' twin Tattoo - Trying to figure out a first tat idea for me... adding mommy in here somewhere would be a good one but I think it would be too cluttered... Still like the idea.