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transformers moonracer - Google Search

TFP: Moonracer by bumbleswipe on DeviantArt

Ultimate Prime by *The-Starhorse on deviantART

Because some days it's hot out, your troops are bored, and a game of Ultimate Prime just seems like a good idea. Also because Ultimate Prowl would be ju.

Transformers G1 Optimus Prime and Spike Witwicky (from "A Prime Problem")

Transformers Optimus Prime and Spike Witwicky (from "A Prime Problem")

The CO's Pool by The-Starhorse, haha I love Optimus and Prowl

Some gift art for . Sometimes, Prime actually tells Prowl what. I like sassy_Prime, style. If you want to use this art for any reason, you must ask f. The CO's Pool

Transformes RID incentive cover 14 by ~MarceloMatere on deviantART

Transformers Prowl RID incentive cover 14 by ~MarceloMatere on deviantART


~Turbo Tracks~ If There's one thing Autobot Tracks Loves, it's himself. In his opinion, nothing is quite so fine as the glint of sunlight off his perfectly polished chrome, or the look the humans g.

Transformers News: Auto Assembly 2014 Prints Round-Up: Ed Pirrie, Casey Coller, John-Paul Bove, Nick Roche

No wonder he has a bad name and a bad voice which is probably cause by his bad name! :P (No offense to any Starscream fans out there I'm sorry :( )


Check out these official images from Hasbro of the Transformers Generations Deluxe Class toys based on the IDW comic book depictions of these classic chara

Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime

Official Images: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commanders Huffer and Optimus Prime