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Details about Albizia Julibrissin Mimosa Bonsai * Persian Pink Silk Tree * Seeds *Amazing Rare

Blooming bonsai/ She adds one in her tent in the Spring, to brighten up the place and really get "in tune" with Neverland OOH OOH OOH OR ALIS LIFE TREE Kinda like the death trees in KOTLC (maybe for when she leaves, right before, they plant the tree to honor her) (See KOTLC to see how it works) Each of the boys (Aside from Peter) get a life tree that resembles their aura, and grows for them by their tent, but twist, Ali's starts to die

Japanese traditional silk kimono with lining, 1950's Finely embroidered Japanese vintage wedding kimono with gorgeous peacock and colorful flowers on shiny light pink patterned silk background. Material: silk

Small purse with a gold-colored metal frame and chain, black velvet exterior with beadwork embroidery, lined with pale turquoise satin with vegetal design in gold floats. The beadwork designs are derived from 8th-10th century Near Eastern silks: on one side a gazelle under a flowering tree; on the other a peacock with spreading tail, with a floral vine at the curved lower edge of the bag. In variously colored glass beads with pinks, mauves, and peacock blues predominating.

"Kazune-kun! Do you like it? My Yukata?" she ran up to him and asked. Slowing smiling, he raised his hand up from his side to touch her soft, pink cheek. "Yeah, it looks beautiful on you." ----- I just made that up cuz I was bored -3-

Wedding kimono (uchikake) Japanese, Edo period, 19th century, Silk damask (rinzu), resist-dyed, tie resist-dyed (shibori) and embroidered with silk and couched with gold-wrapped thread, Long-sleeved outer robe (uchikake) for a wedding with design of curtain screens (kichô) made from lengths of fabric embroidered with red, green, blue, light brown, pink, yellow and gold on a white silk damask ground with woven pattern of mandarin oranges; lined with red silk crêpe and padded at the hem. MFA

Roller-printed cotton cloth, lining of an atlas ikat munisak, Russia, early 20th century from "Russian Textiles: Printed Cloth for the Bazaars of Central Asia" by Susan Meller