Always Wanted An Outdoor Shower!

words to live by

Think, Exercise, Eat, Work, Build, Read

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Amen to this!

Aw, I love positive quotes because things can get so hard sometimes. Here’s a motivational quote to get you pumped. Don’t forget to check out the other cute quotes I have up ☺ “I’m going to succeed because I’m crazy enough to think I can.”

Daily reminder

These are 10 awesome motivational posters to help you get motivated to be fit and healthy!

Be happy (:

How to save your heart Should: never expect never demand never assume Know: your limits where to stand your role Don't: get affected get jealous get paranoid Just: go with the flow and stay happy. inspirational quotes #quotes



remember what you are...

It's so true! You think anger satisfies...but it doesn't. The best, the strongest, the bravest and happiest are the ones that apologize, forgive, and forget.


I'm so happy with every aspect of my life (including David and Matthew) that I wish I could share my happiness with others.



..... then you can be perfectly happy with someone else. Love yourself and be comfortable alone with YOU - you create your own happiness

Life is too short