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Your moment of zen for today: sleeping puppies. Watch an adorable litter of puppies grow up to be future service dogs on this live puppy cam.


Aww reminds me of Scout when he was a puppy

My pup is a total babe magnet.

"My pup is a total babe magnet.

patriotic dog

The Last Tip of our Fourth of July Rover Safety Series is here! This tip will help you get your dog back if he does get out this weekend! Share to help others keep their dogs safe, too!

Want to train a dog to save a warrior? Check out this awesome website!

Learn about how Train a Dog Save Warrior helps returning soldiers get the help they need by training up shelter dogs to become service dogs.

not all animals hate bath time 15 pics 1 video 13

look how adorable. a shower cap! bath tub pups funny 21 Funny dogs enjoying in bath tub