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At Tobolsk

Tobolsk - Then and Now.



The house at Tobolsk

One of the last photographs of Anastasia while in Tobolsk

Tobolsk, 1917

Grigory Rasputin at his Tobolsk house.A♥W

OTMA’s bedroom at Tobolsk.

Alexei plays with bow n arrow at Tobolsk.

Romanovs, Tobolsk

Iconostasis at Tobolsk.

OTMA's bedroom at Tobolsk

Tsarevich Alexei in Tobolsk

Maria and Anastasia (During captivity in Tobolsk?)

Olga chopping wood in Tobolsk, 1917.

Anastasia in captivity in Tobolsk, spring 1918

Tsarevich Alexei on the balconey of the Governor's house in Tobolsk Siberia during captivity. Winter 1917-1918. He would be dead the following summer.

Tsar Nicholas II and his children sitting on the roof of a conservatory during their captivity in Tobolsk, from September 1917 to April 1918.

Anna Stepanovna Demidova (1878 - July 17, 1918) was a maid in the service of Tsarina Alexandra of Russia. She acquired posthumous fame because she was murdered alongside her employer in 1918. She shared the Romanov family's exile at Tobolsk and Ekaterinburg following the Russian Revolution of 1917 and was murdered with them on July 17, 1918. Like them, she was canonized as a martyr by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in 1991 as a victim of Soviet oppression.

The stairs in the Governor’s Mansion in Tobolsk. Alexei was so bored by being confined that he tobogganed down them one day, only to be struck down with his worst hemophilia attack since Spala in 1912. He never walked again. The photograph of Alexei within the larger photograph was taken during his last illness, but was not the last photograph ever taken of him.