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  • Helen Benziger

    At The opening of The Molly Brown Gallery in Branson, Missouri. On Valentines Day 2014 I will be opening it at The Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Please, if you can...I will be there on the 14th and the 15th of Februarty...would love to meet you all!

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"The Unsinkable" Molly Brown steps off the Carpathia after being rescued from the Titanic.

She was known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown, but the colorful life of Margaret Tobin Brown went much further than the Titanic fame.

John Joslyn, Mary Kellog and myself. Two of my favorite people and owners of the Titanic Museums in both Branson, MO and Pigeon Forge, TN. I was there to accept the Loving Cup that Margaret Brown presented to Captain Rostron of Carpathia from his Great Granddaughters, Margaret & Janet Rostron and install it into The Molly Brown Gallery in Pigeon Forge. What an incredible moment!

New Exhibit Opens at Titanic - January 17 - Discover an entire gallery devoted to the "Unsinkable Molly Brown."

Margaret's daughter and my Grandmother, Helen Brown. Later she would become Helen Brown Benziger. This was taken when she was Princess of The International Fair. ( Yes, that is sable on her cape ) The fair was the brainchild of Margaret. She raised enough money to help complete the Cathedral in Denver. Here;s an off fact. When Margaret was saved from the sinking her lifeboat was #6. It was also her pew number in the Cathedral. hmmmmmm

Roses cast into history over Titanic, April, 2012, at 100 years. Titanic Branson, MO. and Titanic Pigeon Forge, TN. along with the United States Coast Guard International Ice Patrol.

The carriage house. When Margaret was on Titanic, she spent time each day in the ship's gym. She became a great fan of the punching bag as she thought it helped tone the arms. When she returned she had one installed in the carriage house where she used it daily when she was home. What I wouldn't give to have a picture of my Great Grandmother in her bloomers punching that bag! I lived in the second floor of the carriage house when I first came to Denver. It was an apartment at the time.

The last time the entire family traveled abroad together. Standing from L to R..James ( Jim ) Joseph Brown. Lawrence Palmer Brown. Seated L to R Helen Brown Benziger ( my Grandmother ) and Margaret Tobin Brown. I believe this is in 1909

The Barbizon Hotel For Young Ladies. This was also a hotel for single women of all ages. Margaret lived there during her final years. She taught acting to young girls following that path. I didn't know she had lived here when I first checked into the hotel in the late sixties.It was a great place to live. Located at E 63rd and Lexington. This is where my Great Grandmother died in her sleep.

This is my absolute favorite family picture. My Grandmother, Helen Brown Benziger is far left. Margaret is the one holding the parasol. I believe this was taken in Newport where she has a small 43 room "cottage" . She named it... Mon Etui.