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    European and U.S. public health researchers are warning about ubiquitous chemicals in everything you eat.



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    Chemicals in our food

    What is public health?

    Public Health by the Numbers via National Public Health Week

    12 Chemicals That Are Screwing Up Your Hormones: BPA (recycling numbers 3 and 7), Dioxin (animal products), Arsenic, Atrazine (both in water), Phthalates (beauty products), Fire retardants (PBDEs), Lead (paint), Mercury (fish), PFCs (nonstick pans), Organophosphate pesticides (produce), Glycol ethers (paint, cleaning products), Perchlorate (fertilizer)

    Once again, corporate interests are taking precedent over public health, except this time the point of contention is GMOs rather than vaccines.

    15 Grossest Things You're Eating: Ammonia-Blasted Beef

    Harvard School of Public Health has identified multiple issues with GMOs.

    PFCs PFCs are a class of carcinogenic chemicals used to repel oil and water from clothing, carpeting, furniture, food packaging, and non-stick surfaces on cookware.

    How long can Monsanto ignore the mounting scientific evidence that their technology is not only failing to live up to its promises, it's putting public health at risk?

    In the Des Moines Register, Lee Rood reported: "About half the population has some allergy to mold. Even so, Iowa Department of Public Health officials tell me there is no state law aimed at protecting tenants from exposure. Most, if any, protection for tenants comes from local ordinances in the few cities that have them."

    Here’s what people are saying about smart meters... (Scroll down to this heading.) emfsafetynetwork.... Also: stopsmartmeters.c...

    According to a new regulation, the EPA has doubled the amount of glyphosate (Roundup) residue legally allowed on oilseed crops like canola and soy that are intended for human consumption, even though this will create a significant public health hazard. www.naturalnews.c...

    Natural flavors is an ambiguous flavor category that covers a wide range of chemicals derived from unexpected places in nature, but undergo just as much processing as artificial flavors.

    3 (PVC) – A possible carcinogen, bottles & clear food packaging, may release toxins into food and drinks, risk is heightened from dishwasher, heated up or frozen. Flexible plastics may contain BPA as well. 6 (PS) - Styrofoam. These can release toxins into our food when heated. 7 (OTHER) - Found in baby bottles, water bottles and food containers, these can leach bisphenol A - a hormone disruptor that can lead to neural and behavioral problems in children & stimulate premature puberty.

    Toxic Chemicals You Didn’t Know You Were Exposed To Health Wellbeing Chemicals

    How do steroidal hormones given to livestock affect the humans who consume them?

    Know what you are eating :)

    Think before you eat

    List of Names for Artificial Sweeteners from