♥ I love my husband inspite of, and because of his flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses. 12/27/12 will be our 7 year anniversary. I'm looking forward to see what the next 7 years have in store for us!

This is so true.

This is how I feel about my husband

You are my best friend and lover <3 Never thought I'd find someone who made this true until I found you babe

love you babe



So true. You're gonna miss out on life if you're always trying to be impressive. FO RIZZLE.

To have someone actually interested in my life and the things I do is amazing.. and then to have someone that interests me to no end.. I could hear about about your day and your life's stories over and over and never get bored.. you are my love!

I Love You SO Much. Thank YOU for LOVING ME.

Best friend. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

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This is so Orrin Wesley!! I love you baby doll! You are my life! My smile! My love! My world! I'm so proud of you!!! You're PERFECT for ME!


One of the best feelings <3

:) Love

Buenos días! Ya mejor...soñé contigo tanto que hasta celos sentí....un día más pero tú junto a mí y yo contigo acompañándote...un beso dulce y un gran abrazo.

truth. love this movie

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