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Giant objects. Claes Oldenburg is a Swedish sculptor who makes large replicas of everyday objects. He was born in 1929 and moved to Chicago in 1936. He went to Yale University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He's been associated with the Pop Art movement since the 1960s. He created most of his sculptures in collaboration with his late wife Coosje van Bruggen. More here.

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1962 George

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The Bus

George Segal, The Bus Driver, 1962

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george segal

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Meeting 1989

1999 George

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George Segal, "The Bus Driver"

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Robert Rauschenberg - 'Dilaby' - 1962 - plus #skateboard

Art George Segal

George Segal Sculpture

Slavery Sharecropper

7 Environmental

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Georg Segal

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Sculpture: "Depression Bread Line" by George Segal

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Glenys Barton: Still Life 2,001 cerámica 14cm x 9.5cm x 9.5cm cm Edición del 8

Segal 1970

1970 Indianapolis

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2000 Girl

Georg Segal

A6 George

Gift 72

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2010 Matteo

Milan Italy

Beautiful Tattoo

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"La Promessa" (2010), by Matteo Pugliese. Bronze. Series "Extra Moenia 2009-2011". Vou colocar um desse no portão de casa...

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Cinema 1963

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Claes Oldenburg

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Segal Street

the movement within the city george segal

Posh Places Shopfrom Posh Places Shop

At Play, Sculpture

Sculpture 19445

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This statue depicts one of the fun and special times between a mother and her child. This is made from hand beaten iron with a heavily antiqued chestnut finish. Designer: NA Dimensions: 10 W X 11 H X

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George Segal. El corredor. 1976

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Dan Flavin, 'Untitled (To a man, George McGovern)' (1972)

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The Sink

Human Nude Naakt

Women Washing

Segal George

01 6 Umet

George Segal "Women Washing Her Feet" | Another one of my favorites. If I recall correctly, he's the guy who made the Christopher Street sculptures too.