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Tell Time for Kids | Tell Time by the Hour and Half Hour | Analog Clock ...

Learn to tell time for kids! Tell time by the hour and half hour with an analog clock & digital clock with our Time Kids Learning Video!

Packed with a variety of materials to support telling time to the hour and half-hour.  Correlates to CCS 1.MD.3 for first grade. $

1.MD.3 It's About Time: Hour and Half-Hour

Tell Time for Kids | How to Tell Time to the Hour | Child Learning | Telling Time | Time for Babies - YouTube

Teach your child to read the clock to the hour with this fun and educational video for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade from Learning Time Fu.

What's the Time - learning to tell time

This children's song will teach kids how to tell time with clocks. This early learning time song helps kids read the hour hand and the minute hand.

BINGO is a fun nursery rhyme, action song for children. It’s great for brain breaks, indoor recess, morning meeting, group activities and circle time. This video teaches listening skills and following directions. This children’s action song is perfect for  preschool, kindergarten and lower elementary age kids.  Children will adore this delightfully animated version!

BINGO is a popular, action nursery rhyme. It’s great for brain breaks, indoor recess, morning meeting, group activities and circle time.

What time is it? SONG

What time is it?

Children can start learning to tell time with the Flower Clock video and original sing-a-long song by DJC Kids! DJC Kids features nursery rhymes, children so.

Your children will learn the FUN moves to the HIT dance song, "Jamaican Dance". Your kids will have a blast with this silly and fun action song! This movement song is great for brain breaks, circle time, group activities or those bad weather days when children can't go outside to play.

Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Children - Jamaican Dance - Kids Songs by The Learning Station