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Kabuni is a traditional Albanian dessert. Kabuni is made of rice fried in butter, mutton broth (ram's neck only), raisins (rinsed first in warm water), a little bit of salt and then boiled. Then, the sugar, cinnamon and ground cloves are added. Kabuni is served cold.

Traditional Albanian recipes

Welcome to the Mystery of Albania: Albanian traditional food:recepies

Rich, traditional Mexican hot chocolate recipe. It's the kind you could sip by the fire on a cool winter night and it would warm you to the bones.

Chicken Fried Rice

Hallva, Albanian sweet

Sheqerpare - traditional syrup-soaked Albanian cookies.

By Humaira & Katie Nothing is more important at the Afghan table than the rice.An Afghan woman’s reputation as a good cook can hinge solely on how well she prepares her rice.Indeed, the number of rice dishes served at a particular wedding and the skill with which the hostess executes her palau can be fodder for gossip amongst a group of Afghans. Palau is serious business in Afghanistan and nobody does it better than Humaira’s mom, who is fondly known by her grandchildren as “Jeja.”No ...

Polish Chrusciki ~ A Traditional Polish Cookie Recipe for Easter

Revani, is an Albanian and Turkish cake. Its dry when baked, the syrup is what makes it moist and tender. One of the most delicious cakes in Albania, of course other than Baklava! I always loved it when my grandmogher made these two cakes! ❤️ C:

For Italians meal isn't over without dessert. If you are having pasta for lunch then delicious dessert from Italian cuisine with a cup of cappucc

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Pronounced Pov-e-Tee-za, this Eastern European sweet bread is traditionally served at Christmas, but makes a delicious tea time treat at any time of the year

Diamond Cut Baklava. A sweet Albanian treat. Travel, culture and everything in the middle, visit theculturetrip.com For all things Albania, head to http://bit.ly/CultureTripAlbania

Welcome to the Mystery of Albania: Albanian traditional food:recepies

Kurabie - Albanian butter cookies.

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Petulla - Albanian fried donuts.

Krofne ne gjem - Albanian jam donuts.

I make these, my fav!!

CHOCOLATE SUGAR COOKIES... these lovely cookies have the texture of the classic, crispy sugar cookies but they are packed with intense chocolate flavor! Yum! From cakewhiz.com