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  • Neta Juliana

    Art 25 Things to Do with Old Jeans crafts

  • Candace Cox

    25 Things To Do With Old Blue Jeans

  • Lisa Finley

    Old Denim Crafts 25 THINGS TO DO WITH OLD JEANS ---- I have several pairs with holes in the inner thigh area and backside. Can't wait to reuse them!

  • Becky Williams

    25 things to do with old jeans... Some of these are pretty cool ideas!

  • Karen Beaman

    25 Things To Do With Old Denim Jeans

  • Claire Riddle

    Craft with old bluejeans. 25 great ideas.

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at a thrift store, I dig through the 25 cent bin for things I can use. In there was a size 42 men's work pants. I brought them home and made this!

Denim Chair: Made from upcycled denim. $680

25 Things to Do With Old Jeans---guess what your getting for Christmas...yep. Something out of denim. PS. I have a Gigantic Tub full of it if anyone else needs to get their Denim Crafty on... :-)

$2500 - Is she nuts? :-) Wellllll, she has only made one sale, and it wasn't for this item. It was for the messenger bag, which while still expensive, wasn't THAT expensive. I mean, if someone will pay it, whatever, i just don't understand why on earth anyone would pay that much money for any kind of bag from anybody, made out of anything. It just boggles my mind....

iPad Sleeve Case. Watch out! I'm draggin' out all the jeans that don't fit here! How easy is this to do!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ☀CQ #sew #sewing

Denim Bear - Robby made one of these. he's actually really cute, though we never put eyes or a nose on him, we did suit him up with a collar... he sits on our fireplace now!!! xD

not a how to,, but think I can figure a way to duplicate this look

cushion using only the button stand bits-usually the bit thats thrown away.Good idea.

Quilt by tubakk-quilt, via Flickr. No contact information given. Close inspection of the image (and notes on Flickr) reveal that what I thought was gray is actually denim, from old blue jeans. More subtle than I would have expected from "orange and blue," eg Clemson and Tennessee.