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  • Ashley Myers

    So true, it's my pet peeve!

  • Jodi Land

    Your inability to spell simple elementary words in your Facebook postings make you look stupid. We aren't impressed by you, we are laughing at you. | Confession Ecard

  • Lindsey Collier

    TRUTH. pet peeve

  • Katie Stocker

    While I don't condone 'laughing at people' for things they can't control, this is slightly funny because man do I wish I could put this on someone specific's profile page.

  • Amber Selman

    I love this, I have so many misspellings on my posts but some of us really need to get to know spell check!

  • Sara Karam

    True story. Oh man. I have a lot of people laughing at me.

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omg, omg, omg, this is something i have actually decided for myself! that and hygiene...I SWEAR

I know you're upset. Why don't you post something passive agressive in a facebook status and not explain the situation to anyone? That usually helps.

I must annoy people with my real life and Facebook love for my husband and my care level is none :)

They are flip-flops. They are supposed to flip and flop. Quit shuffling and PICK UP YOUR FEET.

.oh my goodness yes!!! That is one of my pet peeves! Seriously ladies, go back to your closet and finish getting dressed!

maybe one of my biggest pet peeves... if you need socks, you need actual shoes. just so you know.

If you don't want to talk about it, don't post vague status updates on Facebook fishing for people to ask you what's wrong.

And if I do repin it people will correct ME as if I am the one made it even though it says I repinned it from someone else.

seriously, act like you are going to remember to read that