US-based illustrator Matt Kaufenberg adorably-imagined what The Avengers do when they’re not saving the world. In his cute, ongoing series of illustrations, Hulk loves to play ‘Smash-A-Loki’.


Personagens da Marvel por Jake Parker

mrjakeparker: “ Adding another character to my Marvel series…Spider-Man! You can see my other Marvel dudes here. Original for sale here.


Vingadores aparecem em pôsteres patriotas

Marvel Comics Avengers Propaganda Poster Set by artist Adam Levermore.


Super Duper

Superheroes - Page 2 - Superheroes - superheroes batman superman - Cheezburger: Hulk & Thor at the end!

Akinator, o Gênio da Internet

This is so freaking awesome! It can guess any character from a movie, tv show, or book. It has guessed all mine.

Couldn't decide to put this in my 'tv  movies' board or my 'comics, etc' board. Either way ... it's awesome.

"The Hulk smashes Loki in the Puny God poster by Matthew Ferguson!" - The crowd in the theater just erupted at this scene. Loved seeing Hulk rag-doll Loki!