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love, lock, and bridge image

This is a bridge in Paris. You hang locks on it with the name of you & your boyfriend/girlfriend/best-friend then throw the key into the river. So even though the friend/relationship may end, you can’t remove the lock. It stays there forever

I hope this happens soon.

i've had cotton since i bought him from the pet shop. i think it kinda counts as the same thing. but i've never had a dog its entire life. i've had a cat for its entire life. but cats are different.

One day I will do this

Plane rides are amazing! I seen Sunrise on a plane. Hopefully i see Sunset!

This one will be crossed off my bucket list this summer! Celebrating my 21st in Vegas! Whooop whoop!

Spend a Birthday in Vegas. Although this is not something I would want to do today (Vegas has really gone downhill), I spent my Birthday in Vegas with my Mom and my childhood friend Amber.


Before I die - keep a promise ring - a promise ring to remind u never to tell the secret it holds, if someone trusted and loved me enough to keep one

Check✅I love great wolf lodge(been twice) water wizz(been twice) and canobe lake park(once)!!!

✔ bucket list- spend a day at a water park. Wild wadi - our first "over seas" experience

I'll probably die the day a dude actually tells me he loves my personality and not just my body.

idk he universe seems to hate me today, so prob not. i broke a mirror today and cut myself w/ the glass shards.

with a bunch of others people also letting them go and fill the sky

We got a floating lantern for our wedding a year and a half ago but haven't had an opportunity to let it go. We all have a bucket list, whats on yours? We all have a bucket list, whats on yours?