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Love Lock Bridge in Cologne, Germany. Lovers carve their initials in a padlock, attach it to the bridge, and throw away the key.


Bridges park - Ireland.

Moss garden in Kyoto, Japan "Koke-dera" (苔寺?), meaning "moss temple", while the formal name is "Kōinzan Saihō-ji" If I could ever afford admission... (this is NOT Moss Bridge, Ireland)

feet pictures everywhere

This is a bridge in Paris. You hang locks on it with the name of you & your boyfriend/girlfriend/best-friend then throw the key into the river. So even though the friend/relationship may end, you cant remove the lock. It stays there forever, as relevance to someone once a part of your life. Must do this when we visit Paris <3

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Oktoberfest in Munich - in pictures

Oktoberfest. Munich, Germany. Must go.

Not just any bridge, "A Bridge in Paris" is exactly as it sounds, a trampoline-based structure that lets you hop over the water. Bucket list!

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Add a Lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris

Bucket list: be romantic and add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris. Totally been there!

I'm not actually pinning this because I wanna do this. I'm pinning this because the stupidity of this idea. Like why would you jump off a bridge?!!? Seriously? You make a bucket list of things you wanna do before you die but end up dying by trying to beat death and live??

Bucket list fill balloons with paint then throw darts to make them explode paint everywhere!

7 Mile Bridge, Florida Keys. No way I would travel down some of these roads !!

I want to be the little old wife in a little old couple one day.