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  • Kim

    How to make a rocket stove, and other emergency preparedness ideas

  • Tom Witowski

    Not really a "Man Room" thing but a great idea just the same!! Everything Under the Sun. Rocket Stove - This lady has the easiest and yet most detail-oriented system for food storage I've found yet. She gives you her booklets for free if you email her.

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And for an oven, I think this image is fantastic: All the details can be found here:

What is a Rocket Stove? Why Do I Need One? One of THE most practical things you can own or know how to build.

A Rocket Stove Made From a Five Gallon Metal Bucket - Rocket stoves are great for smokeless outdoor cooking with a minimal amount of fuel - they run on twigs!

Everything under the sun. good site for emergency preparedness and food storage.

How to Build a Rocket Stove | Nice, simple design. Anyone can do this.

ROCKET STOVE, I keep saving cans to make one but then I just throw them away when I get too buisy.

Rocket stove in use - everyone needs to know how to build/use one of these for "those" times when there's no other way to cook.

Emergency Preparedness & Food Storage: What do I need? ~ good info

How to Make a Brick Rocket Stove for $6.08. (Or less, if you can salvage some bricks!) If you can stack bricks, you can make this stove!