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I must confess I have made a lot of the things I pinned.discovered so many crock pot recipes.and a lot of craft items.wish I had more time though.

Great Disclaimer!

Should you wish to have an image removed, or you would like me to make a correction, please just contact me, by adding you comment about the relevant pin to this disclaimer board.

I'll keep your secret, if you keep mine. Ha

Sterne haha this is too funny. I won't say if you don't say!

~Welcome~ Check out my other page Emma Jones 2.0

Beauty is in the eye of the pinner! No pin limits on any of my boards ❤️

420  and I'm addicted

Just a joke, but still pretty funny. It's NOT so much a joke.

Should Have Put A Pin On It

Some people only 'like' stuff and hardly ever pin anything. I'm like why don't you pin things? Can you not come up with any boards to pin it on?

Which is exactly why I am at the grocery store 10 times a week.

Biggest lie

I don't need to write it down --- so true, so true. Actually I don't tell myself that anymore, I HAVE to write it down!

double board pins...often -- triple.board pins...occasionally -- quadruple board…

I run into this problem quite often actually! I have more than one board that pin can go on. This may be a problem.