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"I watch the (greyhound) trainer tie a live rabbit to the track's mechanical arm. Some of the country's leading greyhound owners are standing at the edge of the track to see how this round of training goes. The arm takes off around the track and the dogs leap after it, battering and biting at the helpless rabbit dangling from it upside down." - witness to undercover sting operation of greyhound track racing in Florida investigating the torture & death of thousands of rabbits used as live bai...

Gable, retired Greyhound, 3 'I know in Arizona when the dogs no longer wanted for racing they are found shot in the desert in numbersssssss!'

Unlikely animal friendships are the best! The pictures of the baby monkey hugging the dogs, oh my gosh

old dogs are the best dogs, and make a family complete. Love them to the end

Play classical music to your dog to calm them

Anthony #Walker, 30, was arrested on Jan. 14 and charged with abandonment of a disabled animal, a misdemeanor, Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Man-charged-in-puppy-case-4218452.php#ixzz2OmXlghjv ---- a MISDEMEANOR ??????????

If bees came to disappear, the humanity would have no it more than for 4 years! - Si les abeilles venaient à disparaître, l'humanité n'en aurait plus que pour 4 ans ! - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Préservons-les-abeilles/351553211631221

Hey you! Wanna love me?

Kohl is an #adoptable German Shorthaired Pointer Dog in #Charleston, #WVIRGINIA Kohl is a 3-month old black/white GSP puppy. He entered foster care with his brother and ... ...Read more about me on @Petfinder.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com

White Boxer Dog Loki

"Why, did they not wan't me?, I'm a good dog" Many beautiful animals wait at your local pound or shelter, for their time to come ~ which could mean one of two things -- either getting out for a long happy future with you, or for the vet to come, and them taking one last long nap.. YOU can be the difference between the two. ADOPT A POUND PET SAVE A LIFE!

shirley manson for peta


Please don't dock ears and tails.It is painful and not needed for medical reasons. Please help stop mutilation of pets in this manner..AKC needs to change their standards.

dreams of freedom

Pro vegan

Child grieves over pet dog slaughtered. People don like to think that abusing snimals is abusing those who love theme too.

they love too <3

Irish Setter puppy,so darling