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"Pagan romance." I could not follow to a web page, but love this pic. Best I can do is post the place I found it. "Monique Lee via Aoi. Repinned 13 weeks ago from Art."

Cerne and The Goddess - A richly symbolic image depicting the Celtic ‘Horned God’ Cerne or Cernunnoss in passionate embrace with his consort, The Goddess. Cerne is traditionally Lord of the Animals and The Goddess is generally associated with the ‘Sacred Forest’ of all life on Earth. The forest, however, needs animals to spread the seeds and pollenate the flowers., and the animals need the forest to provide food and shelter. As such, neither can survive without the other.

The Beltane celebration honored life over death and celebrated the rebirth of the world. Above all, it was a fertility festival, a symbolic union of the God and Goddess, of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A young virgin, often dressed in white with a crown of flowers, was chosen to be the Queen of the May. Her consort went by many names, including the Green Man, the May Groom, the May King, and Jack-of-the-Green, often dressed in green and decorated with leaves.

St. Brigid of Ireland. Feast day is Imbolc (February 1st). Saint Brigid is the patron saint & guardian of poor subsistence farmers, she protects the harvest; she increases the yield of cow, dairy and sheep. Saint Brigid is also the patron saint of studies and learning.

Eir is the goddess associated with healing. She is known to be one of the handmaidens of Frigg, who is wife of Odin, the king of the gods. She is considered a minor goddess and is not one of the Æsir often thought of when one thinks of the Norse pantheon

Fodla - Celtic goddess of sovereignty. Part of a trinity of goddesses along with Eriu and Banba. Daughters of Ernmas

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Labet is a goddess in Egyptian mythology. She is a cleanser of the Sun God Ra, and Goddess of East. Her husband is the fertility god Min. She was worshiped in Panopolis, with her husband.