There is so much hard work that goes into a concert or production...

theatre kid problems | lyrics theater kids this is me kids memorizing lyrics vocabulary

Theatre peacock! :P This is only true because the quick change is a required costume. xD

Hahaha initially learning that was like trying to figure out physics... underwater... with no rescue in sight. Finally getting it and attempting to teach others is worse.

"A theatre's as good a place as any for magic." - Sherry Shonin, the Flying Trunk.

Theatre kid problems... Yea I could have a fancy car and all the friends in the world, but all I want is a stage, a spotlight, and my theatre friends!


Quick Change Meme

[ theatre kid problems ]

[ theatre kid problems ] or most of the girls you see...

Theatre Kid Problems...every blocking rehearsal. Only with you're lucky to get a rough page blocked in an entire rehearsal.


theatre kid problems | Theatre Kid Problems / thespian peacock

[ theatre kid problems ] and then you have absolutely no idea what to do with yourself because you actually have *gulp* time!

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Theatre kid probs

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