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The dangers of tattoo ink. I -- and most people, I'm sure -- didn't realise the danger of something a seemingly-simple as a tattoo. More people need to assess the risks before they jump into getting one...

An article from the FDA explaining the risks and what can be caused by the use of poor needles, unaware allergies, and complications of tattooing.

Should You Be Taking Probiotics?

I've written about "friendly flora" or probiotics before, but this article that was originally published by expands on the topic and includes things I wasn't aware of. It's a grea...

Doctor - just another term for Legal Drug pusher! Very seldom will you find a doctor that truly has your best interest at heart - they are more worried about getting you hooked on drugs so that you have to pay for repeat scripts and consultations that is killing you instead of helping you!

Eco-Friendly, Non-toxic Tattoos: Can It Be Done? All of this just crossed my mind--due to a recent family post. Lots to think about. I am one who strives to live a clean life yet one who earns to have ink.

A new analysis from Reuters has found that lead poisoning is a national epidemic, mostly affecting low-income communities that receive little funding to rectify the problem.