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Explore Swatara State, State Park, and more!

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Indian Echo Caverns Harrisburg Coupon and Review

The Indian Echo Caverns are located in Hummelstown, PA which is about a 20 minute drive outside of Harrisburg. The caverns were used by Native Americans, and then later by early American settlers as shelter before it was bought and turned into a tourist attraction in the early 1900′s. ~~ Looks like a really cool place. Love the pool of water in here.

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Visiting the Hidden Gems of Swatara State Park

Hiking in Swatara State Park gives you the chance to encounter wonderful trails and beautiful waterfalls. Find out what visiting Swatara State Park is like.

Fossils can be collected within Swatara State Park along Old State Road/Bear Hole Trail. From Rt. 443 in Suedberg, take Swopes Valley Road over Swatara Creek. Park at the Trailhead. On the gravel road walk 1/2 mile toward Lebanon. The pit is on your left. Piles have been picked through, but you may find brachiopods and a few Trilobite pieces. A second fossil bed along I-81 where Late Ordovician trilobites and starfish Protasterina were buried was closed for safety reasons by PennDOT.

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Must See Places & Day Trips In Pennsylvania

Are you planning on making a day or weekend trip in Pennsylvania? Well here are the top places that you should visit, if you haven't already! There's plenty of places to choose from that span across the state of PA. Pack your bags, buckle up, and get ready to hang on!

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51 natural wonders so amazing it’s hard to believe they exist

The Waitomo Caves are located just outside the Waitomo Township (New Zealand). It is a famous attraction because of the glowworms, native bioluminescent creatures that live in the caves and produce a blue-green light that decorates the ceiling with a twinkling glow which reminds of faraway galaxies.