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Can We Guess What Decade You Were Born In?

This is literally whispers of the stars! These are my characters - (in order) - Akoyé , Larisa, Sofie, Toralei, Alina, Kaden, Lena (THEY EVEN GOT HER HAIR WRONG WHICH IS LITERALLY TRADITIONAL NOW).

31 Extremely Cool Creatives To Follow On Instagram

Technicolor vision----.Bellos ojos, mas bellos si ven bien.Controla tu vision cada año.lee nuestro blog Como relajar la vision y otros--

9 Slightly Crazy Things That Might Make You Wildly Productive

*Devin was quietly working on a 3D painting of a mouse, using spray paint. It was KINDA illegal, but hey there was a whole bunch of graffiti in the place he had picked to do his own, so it wasn't like anyone would notice the addition. He readjusted his feet on the railing and grabbed a can of blue paint when he suddenly heard someone behind him* (250th pin btw. My soul can rest in peace, for the board is now at a even number of pins)