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The importance of space

Credit Card Machine at Walmart - Pen Is Broken Please Use Finger - Sign Fail - Funny Pictures at Walmart

This is YOUR fault! bahahaha! Oh, Lord...

This is YOUR fault!

Dumb thing about this. she was still Hannah Montana like 2 years after Obama became president the first time.

I wanna meet this kid. This is the perfect amount of smart assery:

Clean like the Queen of England is visiting -- Knowing Luke & I, this is the sense of humor my children will have :)

self-deprecating humor or self-defecating humor?

My friends new corgi. Now I want one.

I'm Katniss, Katniss is me, together we hate this bird.

For my daughters, who have been traumatized by flappy birds - the last persons comment was hilarious

Do not wish you are tall

Tall Friends by Zombiesmile --- As a tall person: my life has been full of lies! I've never felt so used!too tall for short people and too short for tall people.

charming life pattern: retro humor - quote - I don't always wear my sassy...

I don't always wear my sassy pants. But, when I do, I wear them classy with some smart assy. Stay sassy my friends.

Awe xc

I'm NOT a lazy person and read all the yous! And I did NOT look for the yoo because I had already read them all.

This is Connor without a doubt.  I need to start taking pictures of some of the strange positions I find him in when on the Computer or xbox.

How I sit…

Funny pictures about How I sit. Oh, and cool pics about How I sit. Also, How I sit.

Sorry for the first bit, but funny

"Well that's what girls do" also glad I'm not the only one measuring in calculators

Hahaha "This Snapchat that just came to a brutal realization. | 29 Snapchats That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good"

This Snapchat that just came to a brutal realization.

Taking Childcare To A Whole New Level

I need this sign! Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 86 Pics