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Engadgetfrom Engadget

Honda's U3-X Personal Mobility Device is the Segway of unicycles

Honda's U3-X Personal Mobility Device is the Segway of unicycles -- Engadget it getting to difficult to just walk ?

Inhabitatfrom Inhabitat

XD Design's Solar Phone Charger Sticks to Windows For Better Efficiency

Solar charge- awesome! I could use this in the car


Clever Gadget Charging Outlets : usb outlet

Clever Gadget Charging Outlets

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15 WTF Accessories for the Weirdest Summer Ever

A solar-powered bikini to charge your gadgets

Cool Sparking Luminous USB Data Sync Charging Cable Cord. When your #gadget charges you will have a delightful night. - oh so FAB

Ubergizmofrom Ubergizmo

Ecoxpower Charges Your Phone While You Pedal

EcoXPower powers bicycle lights and charges mobile devices simultaneously - EcoXPower converts pedal-power into electricity for both headlights and a smartphone. Perfect for overnight biking trips!

Mashablefrom Mashable

iPhone Case Lets You Charge Your Device by Hand

This device allows you to charge your phone without plugging it in!

USB Utility Charge Tool, it's like a Swiss Army Knife equipped with a multi-use micro USB plug, mini USB plug, and #iPhone plug. No lightning plug though! // Fred Flare

OpenSkyfrom OpenSky

Podium Style 3 Pc Folding Gadget Stand With Built In Power Bank

The ultimate charging and working command center while you're on the go, this podium-style stand folds and unfolds like origami. The base features a built-in charger with 2 USB ports so you can simultaneously charge 2 devices at once (like your smartphone and tablet). Plus, it makes working poolside (or couch-side!) much easier. Now 60% off!

Holy cow! I need one of these when I travel. It's hard to find a place to charge all the gadgets I take with me!

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7 Latest Gadgets

Place your phone on top of this wireless speaker to wirelessly charge them.

The Window Cling Solar Charger is a fantastic little gadget that attaches to any window and collects solar power, which can then be used to charge your electronics. The 1,300 mAh rechargeable lithium battery holds enough output to charge smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android based phones.

Turn your wall socket it into a streamlined charging station. thingCHARGER lets you use your plugs, but adds two USB ports and a charging dock.