spider ice cubes for Halloween

Worm Ice Cubes ~ for #Halloween or general creepiness

ice hand - love this for school party

Halloween Games

pumpkin carving templates

Stick pretzel sticks in the sides of double-stuffed Oreos. Then, use frosting to stick M on top of the Oreos for eyes. That's it! This is a great recipe for kids to help with—no hot or dangerous materials, and lots of margin for error.

Black Halloween Punch Recipe - Tutorial on serving it over dry ice!

these mini donut and pretzel spiders are the perfect easy treat to make with your kids this Halloween.

Halloween Candy Hand Treat Bag.

Halloween lanterns what a great idea!!!

bloody punch with hand ice cube (pour water in latex glove for ice cube)... would the ice taste like latex- eww!

Add googly eyes to the serving bowls for Halloween party. :-)

This would be cheap and easy

this is spooky cool

25 totally unique halloween party ideas...

Glowsticks on the front steps for Halloween night. Love it!!

Bug Juice punch : Mix a yellow drink (i.e. Squirt or lemonade) with a blue one (kool-aid). You'll end up with a nice buggy shade of green. For fun you may want to add some gummy worm ice cubes or float bugs in the bowl.

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Easy Halloween game

Pumpkin carving skull