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Kenosha Lighthouse

#vintage #pinup #shipahoy

Head to the boat and set sail! #Nautical #Style #Shoes

Dark brooding sky and lighthouse viewed from ocean side porch



This image was created by Amy Friend, this was created by using a needle and pin holing through the image and then holding it up to light or placing on a light box. I like this image because the pinhole dots look like stars, it's as if we are meant to remember this picture in a memorial way.


Summer outfit, back to school outfit, cute, anchor, anchor shirt, shorts, jean shorts, outfit, lipstick, bracelets

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. "Who really controls our economy? The economy is a huge wave we are riding and we better make sure we are buckled in because it is a wild ride. It is not smooth sailing. We have to be ready for it and control our mindset around risk." ~Kathleen Mundy www.MakingYourOwnMoney.com

radiant orchid

pantone radiant orchid.

Fields of tulips

pantone radiant orchid. Orchid home decor.

St. Patricks Day nails

Chalkboard paint Easter Eggs

Nest cake.

outdoor spring wedding