Pirate Party diy Hook To begin, stack three pieces of tin foil. Fold in the edges an inch or two (this takes care of any sharp foil and assists in holding the sheets together). Starting on an edge, roll the tin foil into a snake-like roll; squeeze tightly so it becomes creased and sturdy. Gently bend into a candy cane shape, creating a hook with extra length on the straight portion to form the handle. With the cup upside down, use a craft knife to slit an X.

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Game/ craft. Pirate theme party ideas. Jake and The Neverland Pirates. DIY sword - maybe have the kids decorate their own at the party?

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Pirate Hooks! Easy to make with a plastic hanger and a plastic cup!

Pirate ship and styrofoam cannonballs at a pirate party - so fun!

Knight sword Favor (I'll paint gray & black)

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I know this isn't for fairy tales, but I wanted my Tools friends to see this for pirates!!