detailed chore cards - I need to make some of these.

They're simple. You and I do them every day - - but this after school checklist will helpfully remind my kids what needs to be done when they walk in the door from a long day at the "office".

chore cards for kids with printables!

chores, chores and more chores! :)

Kids chore baskets - I love this idea!

detailed chore charts. need to create for each room

31 Days to Becoming an Organized Mom: Day 28-More Printable Chore Checklist for Kids - Mommy Kudos

detailed chore cards

house chores

Chore Chart

If you're looking for a set of skills, chores, or family contributions your child can do by age... this is the mega list!

free printable chore charts.. details by room

Chore CARD!! Best idea ever!! Buh bye chore charts!

this is great!


the winthrop chronicles: diy chore chart

Printable Cleaning Schedule from Squirrelly Minds... because apparently I can't just DO my housework

Homemade cleaning solutions

Family Command Center

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I am SO DOING THIS!!!! She has one for every room....GREAT blogger