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Mini beach garden - what a cool idea! If you love the beach, use a pot to bring a bit of it home with you. A little sand, a few beachy plants, and a bit of driftwood is all you'll need.

Lovely DIY Terrarium Magnets

Lovely DIY Terrarium Magnets

DIY magnetic vertical terrariums for tiny plants. Suddenly I wish I had a magnetic fridge! I can easily imagine this with succulents instead of air plants. Imagine it attached to your front door (if yours, like mine, is metal)! I can see it now.

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Roundup: 8 DIY Small Space Garden Ideas

Woolly pocket wall garden Try a modern take on traditional hanging baskets with a wall of these Woolly Pockets. Since they're lined with moisture barriers, you don't have to worry about any leaking.

Stacked ceramic pots, look beautiful with flowers for an easy mountain remedy.

How to Make a Terracotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals

beautiful Diy: A Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower A little DIY tutorial to explain you how to make a Flower pot tower. Love this simple idea! Information: Goods Home Design.

Recycling broken Pottery                                                                              Waste not want not. Isn't this a cute display for making use of broken pottery?

Recycling broken Pottery

Funny pictures about Broken Pots Turned Into Beautiful Fairy Gardens. Oh, and cool pics about Broken Pots Turned Into Beautiful Fairy Gardens. Also, Broken Pots Turned Into Beautiful Fairy Gardens photos.

I thing everyone had a mudpie experience as a child. The technique of making hypertufa will stir your memories of this experience or be a great project to do with your children’s or grandchildren’s help. For those who are not familiar, hypertufa is a man-made substitute for natural tufa (a slowly precipitated limestone rock). As it is…

Garden DIY - Make Your Own Hypertufa Pots

Gardening 4 Life — Make Your Own Hypertufa Container - Hypertufa looks like stone but weighs less and takes whatever shape you want. - Tutorial here: www. by Michelle Gervais

Container gardening Pots of flowers on your fence.. Would add green vertically if you don't have a place to plant trees or large shrubbery.

Cool idea how to hang I wondered about how to do this. Decorate a fence with hanging flower pots painted for lots of color and life. Project published in Better Homes and Gardens. Do it yourself DIY magazine Step-by-step: