Maya's Alphabet

Trabalho de Tipografia. Javier Olivares

Typography Sketchbooks #hillhousegraphicdesign



Vintage Alphabet


I can't get enough of this alphabets




Paper alphabet


Jakub Konvica - "Inspired by the famous Czech writer and poet Karel Hynek Mácha and his poem 'May'. I created an illustrated alphabet, in which every character illustrates words which appear in the poem."

I like how the two people create depth on the flat plane. Put content under woman... Links a gentleman a feet :P

Smoking Club Typeface - Buamai, Where Inspiration Starts.

NewModern Typeface Design by Sawdust


A set of chinese typography and symbol was created to illustrate the poetic picture of the fall season.

3d typic – Bodoni Baskerville and Bodoni are usually judged as two separate typefaces, but Giambattista Bodoni modelled his famous font on John Baskerville’s, at first. The key difference is that the thicks and thins are in turn thicker, and thinner.