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Hot, shirtless cowboy. Yeah, and he's from Texas.



Scott was training Chex when you walked up (Open Rp)

Yes so true!! #countrygirl #countryboys #mud

Tom Selleck & Sam Elliot <3 Is there anything else to say........................Two of the greatest looking stashes

nothin much sexier than a man and a horse...coming from an equestrian point of view ;)

The Cowboy ... One of the very great reasons to live in Texas

"hmm I need some hot cowboys for my Upcoming series...." Said the original post, I just need some HOT cowboys.I want a cowboy like this he is so hot.Please check out my website thanks.

from The Berry

Afternoon eye candy: Hot cowboys y’all (25 photos)

Cowboys are always sexy, sexy men, handsome men, attractive men, business men, hot guys, sexy celebrities

For the days I'm feeling down, I will now look at this. Thank the lord for cowboys.. or men in cowboy hats. Either one. Thank the lord.

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing this in my barn every day. Nope. cant say I would.