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“She’s unspeakable,” Judi Dench says of her character. “She’s autocratic, suspicious, and pretty tricky; she wants Darcy to marry her own daughter. I knew the book well. Do you know, it was written when Jane Austen was so young. Then she put it in a drawer and left it there for years…It is a masterpiece and a great love story. I was pleased to be offered the part, and I wanted very much to work with Joe. He is 33 years old, and it’s very nice when you’re my age to be asked by somebody so…

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17 Jane Austen Characters, If They Were On Tinder

This is the best thing ever... If Austen Characters were on tinder!17 Jane Austen Characters, If They Were On Tinder

“Jane Austen wrote such a sensationally romantic story. It got to me all the time during filming. It’s deeply romantic, and I think in this day and age we need films with romance at their core out there. They can light people up.” (Rosamund Pike)

Jane Austen's The History of England (written at age 15). Illustrations by her sister Cassandra.

Jane Austen's Will Description: Last will and testament of the writer Jane Austen, written three months before her death. With the exception of a few small legacies, Jane left "everything" to her sister Cassandra. Date: 27th April 1817