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Beautiful Glowing Portraits of a Bobtail Squid - My Modern Metropolis

Beautiful Glowing Portraits of a Bobtail Squid

Bobtail squid, by Todd Bretl. Pattern: The skin of the bobtail squids appears as dots which are formed because of the change in pigments in their skin


This looks like a great shot! - Dolphin at the Baltimore Aquarium ♥ But captivity is not the best thing for dolphins or whales. They belong in the sea where they're free! Their face is such that they look smiling but can be actually sad.

Bobtail Squid by Todd Bretl http://toddbretl.com/

The bobtail squid has a unique relationship with a bacteria, Vibrio fischeri. This bacteria helps the squid hide from predators at night. Photo by grnhrn - Creepy but all nature is beautiful in some way.

I've seen a school of squid when scuba diving in Honduras. Such a cool creature! (this is not my photo)

Photograph praying mantis by budi 'ccline' on 500px

Exquisite photo of a praying mantis. Simply magical understanding: the light is good. it represents the sun and the mantis is doing a pray. a light and little mantis is praying on the highest peak it can get.

by cadetlu, tumbir

Ge And God created the great sea creatures and all living creatures that move and swarm in the waters according to their kinds and every winged flying creature according to its kind.

Animals-Squid- BLUE ANIMALS : More at FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

the deep ocean. Octopus legs look like roots of a tree.Kinda interesting that the function of the tentacles on those legs are similar to those of a root of tree. TTHATS A SQUID ISNT IT

Marine scientists emerge from the deep with 10 newly discovered species

Marine scientists emerge from the deep with 10 newly discovered species

Sporting a bright fuchsia hue, this new species of deep-sea acorn worm was recently found some feet meters) deep near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The colorful creature has extremely long "lips" that help it snag prey in a place where food is scarce.