No overlocker/serger? No problem! I wish I'd seen this tutorial for seam finishes years ago!

Machine Sewn Seam Finishes - Really great information about finishing seams.

A better (smoother) way to sew linings & facings. >Great tutorial! >Step by step comparison/analysis of sewing in linings & facings < Might want to do own comparison after grading/trimming seams but results should be similar to hers =makes sense & is a good reminder!

this article on thread tension changed my life. 15 years with the same machine and i had never adjusted the bobbin tension.

Great Serger Tutorial

sew cute!

smart seam press guide - make in advance! by jojoebi

Really easy way to serge without a serger.

Corners - Trim square out of interfacing and cut at an angle close towards stitch so there's less bulk in the finished corner.

Me Sew Crazy: END 'Knit Wavy Seam Syndrome'...

Lining Tutorials- since I always manage to forget this when I'm making up a bag as I go...

9 Tips for Sewing Curved Seams

Great list of MUST HAVE Sewing tools, a few of them are new to me.

great tutorial on pressing seams for quilts ... should re-read every time I'm sewing quilt blocks just to remind myself of all the good tips

how to sew french seams.

no serger? no problem. this blog has tutorials on how to finish different kinds of seams.

Stretch Stitch: Sewing Tip - The Sewing Loft

Seams tutorials

Using a serger tutorial

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I went out for a gathering with his work. His boss brought an awesome peanut butter pie that was toted in an awesome pie carrier. I thought this was a nifty ...