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Today at WWDC, Apple Updates MacBook Air With 1.3 GHz Haswell CPU and boost up the Battery Life. The 11-inch notebook stretches battery life from 5 hours to 9 hours, while the 13-inch runs from 7 hours to 12 hours. The MacBook Air now boasts a new Intel Haswell CPU, a 40 percent faster GPU and twice the GPU execution units. #google #music #news

Do you know Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Sells Stock for $91 Million #rtoznews #facebook #sherylsandberg #91million iPhone contains sensitive components. Do not drop, disassemble, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, paint, or insert foreign objects into iPhone. Do not use iPhone if it has been damaged—for example, if iPhone is cracked, punctured, or damaged by water. The front and back covers of iPhone are made of glass.