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I run away from DRaMA!! It brings u down and u notice little things in your own life that make u wanna cause drama ... surround yourself with positive people..with ur same goals and way of thinking! I hate drama

Don’t Let Anyone Drain You of Your Happiness (Live Life Happy)

So, so true! Once I got rid of the "DLSS" outta my life, it's been SO VERY PEACEFUL and DRAMA-FREE! :) Thank you Jesus!

Would ya already?!?! Your drama, selfishness, victum, poor me, give me attention, is getting really old. Nobody have time for that anymore. So please do us all a favor and keep it to your self. How is one supposed to live a drama free life and focus on their family and what really matters when you keep trying to start shit and make up shit in your head?.. TIME TO MOVE ON!!!!!! (You are doing this to yourself) uuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh

Surround yourself with people who are sefless, giving, loving, wise, good natured and who overcome obstacles to be a better person.