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Interlude Madelyn Table Lamp

Interlude Madelyn Table Lamp. Evoking a mid-century Swedish silhouette, the ceramic Madelyn Table Lamp is always on point. – Modish Store

Interlude Sydney Table Lamp

Interlude Sydney Table Lamp. The organic silhouette of the Sydney Table Lamp gets a sophisticated twist when it's crafted of etched smoky gray glass. – Modish Store

Interlude Home Bella Table Lamp

Interlude Bella Table Lamp. A bronze, fig-shaped glass base is topped with a simple linen shade and becomes a warm and inviting table lamp. – Modish Store

Interlude Home Taylor Table Lamp

Interlude Taylor Table Lamp. A wavy green design gives the gray glass Taylor Table Lamp an easy-breezy beachy feel. – Modish Store

Interlude Home Bradley Table Lamp

Interlude Bradley Table Lamp. An antique brass base is topped with a cream linen shade and delivers a subtle, but sophisticated table lamp. – Modish Store

Interlude Home Elijah Table Lamp

Interlude Elijah Table Lamp. Crafted of seeded smoky gray glass, the simple Elijah Table Lamp is surprisingly sign. – Modish Store

Interlude Eliana Table Lamp. A blue metallic hue turns the glass Eliana Table Lamp from crafty to sophisticated. – Modish Store

Interlude Giselle Table Lamp

Interlude Giselle Table Lamp. At once sophisticated, mysterious and warm, the glass Giselle Table Lamp makes for a versatile accent. – Modish Store

Interlude Home Clara Table Lamp

Interlude Clara Table Lamp. A glass base in sky blue and cream makes the Clara Table Lamp casual-chic at its best. – Modish Store

Interlude Clare Table Lamp. Featuring a clear glass base trimmed in antique brass, this deceptively simple table lamp couldn't be more graceful. – Modish Store