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XD thats the best comment ever

hahahahahaha whos flat now hahahaha why do I find this so funny?

I literally just had to say this out loud because I wondered what it would be like if people did that...

Just imagine it tho- a guy gently smiling at you as you scream FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY and he tells you "your scream is so perf"<<<I LEGIT WANNA SEE THIS

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If you have plastic chairs lol. Yes. More like burn your thighs on leather seats in your car. Ohhhh yes.

If you have plastic chairs lol. More like burn your thighs on leather seats in your car.

Strangers are like birds. If you run at them screaming and waving your arms, they will run away.

You Just Realized.especially if u r fangirling/boying and that "stranger" is an actor or voice of one of your fandom ppl

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Rightthe worse pain is having your heartbroken I know this 2 well& I shouldn't

Hell yea be thinking "Can I really afford to buy these j's every Saturday for the rest of my life..."

Tbh im done trippin about what people say and think about me. If you wanna walk out of my life ill hold the door wide open for you, ive been keeping my squad small bc at the end of the day i only have myself . im done getting pushed around

Basically niggas ain't real or loyal like they say they are

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