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Funny pictures about Come closer. Oh, and cool pics about Come closer. Also, Come closer photos.

Generally...this reminds me of all my friends that are guys. They all act and say things like this haha

It is true, i am adorable!

All the time

Very funny :) / iFunny :)

Staceys mom. haha

Now the song is stuck in my head

What I think I look like on a windy day...and what I really look like...:-)

[Image - 272385]

I look like on Windy Days

Dump A Day Funny Pictures - 32 Pics

Funny pictures about Ways to tell how you broke your hand. Oh, and cool pics about Ways to tell how you broke your hand. Also, Ways to tell how you broke your hand.


Found on

This is adorable :) / iFunny :)

elsa and anna and rapunzel - Google Search

There is NO DENYING they look alike. A lot alike.<--- Alike but not the same.

Perfect boys only exist in books.  Touche.

Perfect boys only exist in books. I found my perfect boy. he doesn't even have to wear a book now :)

oh my goodness, laughing so hard....

Hahahahaha a combination of two of my favorite things! Disney & Harry Potter, this is too funny!


I seriously just laughed so hard and loud my cat fell off the bed" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN


Haha mean girls reference and so true who takes those pictures?

How often does this happen to you - poztag.com

crying laughing cause it happens aaaallll the time!

The 4th Twilight Book... by Will Ferrel. Twitter joke. I really want to create a twitter just so I can follow him!! XD

Awful but funny makes for an awfully funny joke :P

Throwing My Underwear Across The Room

SO funny! And so true.I love her she's hilarious

I'm crying, so funny!

Bahahahaha glitterweave sporting a sunset yellow XD